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Telemetry monitoring is when healthcare providers monitor the electrical activity of your heart for an extended time. Electrical signals control your heartbeat. The recordings taken during telemetry monitoring show healthcare providers if there are problems with how your heart beats.

You may have heard the term “telemetry” before, but you might wonder what it actually refers to. Along with mobile cardiac telemetryused in heart monitoring, telemetry actually has a number of other uses. Telemetry refers to the automatic measurement and transmission of data at a distance by radio, cellular or other means. Some major uses of telemetry include meteorology, flight testing, military intelligence, communications, and one of the most important applications, health care.

One of the biggest contributions of telemetry is its application in the health and medical world. Those who might potentially be at risk for a serious heart condition can be monitored remotely using mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT). The patient wears the MCT unit for a specific amount of time, while a clinician monitors the data that is being automatically transmitted to them at a monitoring station. This allows patients the ability to be monitored for many days or weeks without having to stay at the hospital or clinic for monitoring.

The log of data that is being automatically recorded and transmitted can be monitored by medical personnel to quickly identify potential problems, which can lead to a faster diagnosis by the patient’s doctor. If a serious problem occurs, mobile cardiac telemetry can alert medical personnel more quickly than traditional heart monitoring methods..

Telemetry can be used in the biological, environmental or physical world, providing and collecting information for research and monitoring. At Medicomp, we provide advanced cardiac monitoring solutions that help doctors achieve a quicker diagnosis. To learn more about our services and products, contact us today at 800-23-HEART.

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