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We specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults including health promotion and disease prevention.

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Luis Reynoso Medical Clinic

The Luis Reynoso Medical Clinic offers many important medical services to the community.  You’ll find a dedicated and hospitable team of professionals ready to help you and be attentive to your needs.  The clinic has been opened since 2000 and growing a loyal patient base ever since.  Call or visit the Luis Reynoso Medical Clinic today for outstanding, personalized patient care.

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Hello, I'm

Dr. Luis Reynoso

Board Certified Internist

How Can We Help You?

Here are some of our top medical services to consider.

Primary Care

Your first contact for all
your health care needs.

Annual Exams

Routine check-ups are very important to your health.


Vaccines to help protect against infectious disease.


Medical imaging using ultrasonic frequencies. 

Various Labs

Onsite collection, testing
and analysis of blood.

Diabetes Treatment

Control of blood sugar through diet, oral meds, or insulin.


Ultrasound exams used to evaluate the flow of blood.


Sonogram tests for heart valve and chamber operation.

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